TEASER ALERT!! Does Aimee go dark in book 3 “Unleashed”?

Don’t know what to expect from Aimee in book 3 – “Unleashed”? Here’s a short excerpt to find out!!!


  I’m walking barefoot in a field, surrounded by big, beautiful yellow flowers. The sun is shining above as it reflects off my white dress, a bright beacon of hope showing me where to go. My blonde hair blows in the breeze as I reach out my hand to touch the flowers. I relish in the feeling of the delicate petals as they rub against my skin.

   I shield my eyes from the sun as I pluck the nearest flower from its roots and lift it up to my nose to inhale its scent. It smells like heaven. I pluck a petal from the flower and rub it gently against my cheek. The feel of its softness comforts me.

   Above, the dark clouds roll in quickly. Almost instantly, the sun is swallowed up by the darkness. I look down at my hand and I gasp, horrified. The once amazing flower is now crushed within my fist. I don’t even remember closing my hand. I open up my fist, and take a step back in shock.

 The flower has been replaced by bright yellow flames.

   It blazes within my hand, but it doesn’t hurt me. I stare at the small flame, transfixed, as it dances for me. At first, it mesmerizes me; I’m frozen as I study it. It’s like the flames are a part of me, stealing life and essence from everything it touches. It’s a single, tiny beacon of light within the darkness currently surrounding me. As if on cue, every flower in the immense field erupts into flames simultaneously, illuminating the oppressive darkness. It’s like the sun has come down to play. I turn in a circle, desperate for an escape but I can’t see anything past the sea of yellow.

   I’m surrounded by fire. And there’s no way out.

   The flames start to lick at my feet, charring my toes as they make their way up my legs. Scared, I slap at the advancing flames; but it’s no use, they just keep coming. As the fire engulfs me, the burning flowers in the field diminish, leaving nothing but black, charred dirt in its wake. I seem to be absorbing the flames that once burned the field. The more I burn, the more my world becomes encased in darkness. I scream, desperate for a way out of this nightmare before I’m burned alive but the fire blocks everything. Even if, by some miracle, someone hears me, they would never be able to break through to save me.

   My dress catches fire like kindling. In half a second ,my entire body is encased in flames. I reach my charred hand up to the sky, hoping for the heavens to come and save me. But it’s useless.

The darkness has taken me prisoner and there’s no way out.

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