Dark #UrbanFantasy UNHINGED by Shelley Pickens #RBRT #Bookreview

“But, as I’ve said before, the power of tropes is that they work. In the hands of a good writer, they work well. For example, take today’s review of Shelley R. Pickens’ Unhinged (The Haunting of Secrest #2). Despite containing examples of every one of these tropes, Unhinged is an entertaining contribution to YA dark fantasy.”

Barb Taub

Doctor, this woman’s kidneys are missing

kidney-thievesIn my daughter’s high school, one of the year’s highlights for the theater crowd was Student Productions, short plays written/directed/performed by students. For the most part, they were either astonishingly good or astonishingly…not. My personal favorite was the one that the young cast saw as a step beyond X-Files in terms of thought-provoking, bloodcurdling, dystopian horror. We made it through various bits of eerie mayhem—including the alien birth (tastefully silhouetted behind a scrim, but I still recognized my daughter as the ‘mother’)—by not meeting the eyes of any other parents. Then the immortal line that sent shivers through the teenaged audience was delivered:“Doctor, this woman’s kidneys are missing!” Every parent in the auditorium lost it. We were gasping for breath, tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks. Our kids were just appalled.

wuy2s8zdtfcidesklvxzThat’s kind of how I feel about most YA dark fantasy that hovers…

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