RollerCoasters – scary and fun

rollercoaster funny

As my book went out into the world to be loved or criticized, I was on such an emotional roller coaster. What if they don’t like it? What if the people that are excited for me hate dark paranormal mysteries? And it doesn’t end once the book is out. Even though I’ve gotten so much good feedback about how they couldn’t put the book down, I still worry about letting people down. I want them to be excited to read not close the book and think “why did I buy that?!” And then your mind keeps spinning round and round as you try and think of ways to get the book into the hands of people that love a good YA thriller. Then I think about my sequel and wonder if they’ll like that one better since I do. It’s such a hard thing give the world the best of yourself and hope they are gentle with it. I’m super lucky and happy that it so far has been received so well.

So with that said I wanted to let every potential writer to know that there is hope for your story to be told. Just don’t give up and always believe in yourself and your story. It is so hard to accept criticism but I just see it as a chance to grow and make my book better. Every advice I get from beta readers or editors can make the story the best it can be before people that I know and love read it. So keep writing cause- it’s the only thing that will make you better.

Always believe in the beauty of your dreams. Cause you never know when one might actually come true.

* HUGS *


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