Disney, Ice and True Love?

Beware – Sappy and a bit melodramatic post ahead! 😉

Yesterday, I went to Disney on ice with my daughter and when belle and the beast came out with their love song I teared up remembering the hopeless romantic I used to be. It took me back to high school and college….a time in my life where true love existed and my life was just a love story waiting to be written. I loved strong and true with a heart untouched by the reality called life. The kind of love that took hold of your heart and held on for dear life. Watching her fascinated by the princesses that found true love I realized sadly that I grew up. I became an adult and discovered that life isn’t black and white and that love isn’t as easy as the princesses make it look like in the stories. All types of love exist and one is no more perfect than the other. Love changed forms for me but is no less potent or important. I looked at my daughter and saw the beginnings of fascination of love conquering all and budding romance. I see my dreams simply transferred into her and they are even sweeter through the purest of eyes. I almost hope she never grows up. Which is futile since she already is way too fast, so let me say then that it’s my dearest wish that she doesn’t let reality destroy those dreams……They’re such beautiful, wonderful dreams.


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