welcome to the jungle – I’m just trying to survive

Wow. It’s finally May. I honestly wasn’t sure I would make it here.

Why would I think that you ask? Cause I am a teacher. Yes, I write occasionally and have this book getting published soon but as all of my teacher friends understand – that matters nothing when faced with a classroom full of tired, worn out, burned out, frazzled, overstimulated and under producing classroom of 35 kids.

What matters is survival. And survive me must. How can we do that with still 3 weeks left in the year?! Well I am glad you asked. Just simply keep these mantras in mind…..

1. I shall not yell at the idiot who just cut me off again in morning traffic outside of school.

2. I will not throw this textbook at the kid texting in class. Repeat as needed.
text image

3. Have all this graded by 5 pm today? But it’s Friday sir! You don’t care? Ok. I didn’t want to eat dinner anyway.
images 3

4. I shall remember that parents are just as stressed out as we are with their kids and not say anything when they ask if their kid can do some extra credit work to get an A. I shall reply that I’m sorry but it’s mathematically impossible to get an A when your average with 3 weeks of school left is a 60.
images 4

5. And lastly, I shall remember that there are only a few more Mondays until I will be lying in the sun drinking a margarita by the pool.
WAIT, did you say a margarita?!
last image

Good luck surviving the final weeks in the jungle my friends, we are going to need it.


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