My first Official Blog

So now that I am officially a published author people ask me not only how I did it and what advice I have but also how my life has changed. So, here are some things I learned after becoming a published author:

1. I was humbled and surprised at how many people were genuinely happy for me and even happier that they actually now knew a real life published author. Even though the book isn’t even out yet. 🙂

2. The people you meet on this new journey in your life are the best source of inspiration, friendship and help you will ever get and I am lucky to call these new “cool” people my friends.

3. From now on I will lead a double life.  The name is Pickens…….Shelley Pickens. hehehe

4. Suddenly you get very comfortable with social media. So much so that I fear I might drown in it.

5. A tweet is not worth a thousand words unless it is “sexy” or you are a famous person.

6. Oh dear lord I just used the word “tweet” in a sentence. 

7. Romance writers are by far the sassiest, coolest and most fun people you will ever meet. Plus if you want to look at half nude pics of the guy they want as their next main character that is also a big PLUS.

8.  My friend Mary Kay Donovan used to say that I only needed that one YES, that one person that believed in my book enough to take a chance on me. As fate would have it, I found that yes in Caroline Andrus. But what Mary Kay didn’t know was that along with that one yes I gained a boat load of wonderful mentors and other new authors that would immediately believe in me and want to help. I went form 1 yes to 7 in a blink of an eye. And to a writer that is more valuable that all the gold in the world.

As for the rest of the journey it is yet unwritten since I am currently on hold waiting for the editor to read my manuscript and tell me what I can do to improve it.  And although I have no idea what the future holds as a published writer, there is one thing I know for certain: I am in for one hell of a ride.

And I am most grateful for all of you that are on this roller coaster with me.  *HUGS*


4 thoughts on “My first Official Blog

  1. Aww Shelley! You’re a wonderful person to know and an even better friend! Can’t wait to meet you on our upcoming vacation!


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